2021 m. spalio 29 d.


2021 m. spalio 29 d., penktadienį, 17 val. 

kviečia į antrąjį seminarų ciklo “Testavimo laboratorija” renginį

 Ai Weiwei. Coronation. 2020
Ai Weiwei. Coronation. 2020 

Prof. J. D. Mininger skaitys pranešimą (anglų k.) 

“Theorizing Pandemic Politics, and Other Related Tasks of Philosophy in Dark Times” 

The recently published Coronavirus, Psychoanalysis, and Philosophy: Conversations on Pandemics, Politics, and Society (2021), edited by Fernando Castrillón and Thomas Marchevsky, captures a mid-pandemic conversation among notable continental philosophers such as Jean-Luc Nancy, Giorgio Agamben, Roberto Esposito, Sergio Benvenuto, and Julia Kristeva. The volume presents a good starting place for surveying many of the academic positions already staked out on this general topic. In addition to these voices, with reassuring predictability Slavoj Žižek weighed in as well, with Pandemic! COVID-19 Shakes the World (2020). This seminar will offer commentary on the relationship of philosophy to politics under our current pandemic conditions, drawing in part from this cacophony of voiced philosophical positions, but seeking as well to expand the scope of reference points to such thinkers as Hannah Arendt and Judith Butler. The seminar will also provide a forum for open discussion of answers to questions about political actions and motivations during the pandemic, but also and equally asking after the very frames of meaning by which we pose and value these questions in the first place.
Po pranešimo vyks diskusija lietuvių k., kurioje dalyvaus Denis Petrina, Aistis Žekevičius, Audronė Žukauskaitė.

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