Athena: Philosophical Studies, vol. 3.

Editor Audronė Žukauskaitė
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Postmodernism and Cultural Change in Lithuania

Athena: Philosophical Studies, vol. 3

2007 • Versus aureus • Paperback • 17×25 cm • 200 p. •

ISBN 9955-699-29-9

The third volume of the journal Athena: Philosophical studies is dedicated to one specific topic: postmodernism and cultural change in Lithuania. This topic is ambiguous for several reasons. First, because ‘postmodernism’ is an umbrella term and its content is constantly shifting. Second, because it is difficult to say to what extent postmodern theories have affected (and infected) the Lithuanian academy. For example, the Lithuanian sociologist Vytautas Kavolis argued that the advancement of modernity in Lithuania was delayed and thus Lithuanian socio-cultural modernization has never been completed. If this is the case we can speak about postmodernism in Lithuania only in a futuristic mode. By contrast, the Lithuanian philosopher Arūnas Sverdiolas argues that postmodernism in Lithuania is more deeply rooted than in Western countries because post-Soviet societies lack any definite and stable forms and moral traditions. If we accept Fredric Jameson’s definition according to which postmodernism is the cultural logic of late capitalism, then postmodernism is a reality that has already happened to us. We have to face this reality and consciously admit the symptom: we should interpret rather than ignore it. The evident hostility towards postmodern theories in our academy is a third reason why the topic of this volume seems to be ambiguous. Even if we agree that postmodernism is relevant in speaking about Lithuanian reality and that we know what it means, still it is usually neglected even by the authors who have absolutely different backgrounds and tools of argumentation.

Athena: Philosophical Studies, vol. 3 (Preface)