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PhD. Associate Professor, Department of Digital Cultures and Communication, Faculty of Communication, Vilnius University (since 2009); Associate Professor, Department of Art History and Theory, Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (2008–2020). After graduating from the Faculty of Philology of Vilnius University with a degree in Lithuanian language and literature, she worked as editor at the Chief Editorial Board of Encyclopedias, later in the Manuscripts Department of the Central Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, also in the Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore. In 2001, she received her PhD degree with her dissertation “Lithuanian Etiological Legends” (Humanities, Philology 04 H, Folklore H 400) PhD supervisor – Prof. Habil. Dr Norbertas Vėlius (ILLF, 1993–1996), Prof. Habil. Dr Juozapas Girdzijauskas (VU, 1996–2001). Since 2006 works at LCRI. Collaborates in the Lithuanian and foreign academic press on the topics of contemporary Lithuanian culture, heritage, traditions and memory; presents papers on the topics of research – cultural communication and media studies, and cooperates with foreign institutions. She is an editor of fourteen scientific publications.

Research interests:

Contemporary Lithuanian culture, communication theories, media studies, modern mythology, identity, cultural memory, heritage

Since 20011 the chief editor of Lithuanian Cultural Studies

Since 2014 Culture Crossroads, Editorial Board, Riga: the Latvian Academy of Culture, http://www.culturecrossroads.lv/en/izdevuma-veidotaji


2020–2023 “Identity on the Line” project (expert, VU) funded by the Culture sub-program of the European Commission's Creative Europe Program

2020–2022 International Corona Humor Project (initiators Prof. Giselinde Kuipers, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, Dr. Mark Boukes, University of Amsterdam, participating in more than 30 countries; coordinator, LCRI)

2017 Project supported by the French Institute “Culture in the Networked Society: Identity Industry” (LCRI)

2015–2017 Latvian Ministry of Education and Science funded project “Sustainability of Latvian Cultural Traditions in an Innovative Environment” (Latvian Academy of Culture, Riga, Latvia)

Main Publications in English:

Rita Repšienė, Odeta Žukauskienė. The Song Celebration as Power of Cultural Memory and a Mission of Modernity, Culture Crossroads, Vol. 9. ISSN 2500-9974. Riga: Research Centre of the Latvian Academy of Culture, 2016, p. 20–35, http://www.culturecrossroads.lv/pdf/5/en

Repšienė, Rita, Žukauskienė, Odeta, Utopias, Fictions and Dead Cities: Reality and Perspectives, Perspectives on Contemporary Legend, Tartu/Tallinn: ESL Scholarly Press, 2016, p. 42–43, ISBN 978-9949-586-10-3

Rita Repšienė, Laima  Anglickienė. Identity and Stereotypes: Humor Manifestation, Folklore: Electronic Journal of Folklore, 50.  Edited byMare Kõiva & Andres Kuperjanov, Tartu: Folk Belief and Media Group of the Estonian Literary Museum, Estonian Institute of Folklore, 2012, p. 928, 

http://www.folklore.ee/folklore/vol50/index.html DOI: 10.7592/FEJF2012.50.identity

Rita Repšienė. New Narratives, Traditional Values, and National Cultural Distinction: Reimagining Baltic Identity.  Mihály Hoppál (eds.) Sustainable Heritage, Symposium on European Intangible Cultural Heritage, Budapest: European Folklore Institute, 2010, p. 85–91. ISBN 978-963-88799-5-0

Rita Repšienė. Lithuanian Mythology: Perspectives and Possibilities, Jowita Niewulis-Grablunas, Justyna Prusinowska, Ewa Stryczynska-Hodyl (eds.). Perspectives of Baltic Philology. Poznań: Wydawnistwo „RYS“, 2008, p. 197–208. ISBN 978-83-601517-32-1.

Main Papers in English at the International Conference

Rita Repšienė, Challenges for Culture and MIL’s Today: Theoretical Prerogatives, Strategic Approach and Practical Achievements,  “New Media” and Challenging (Artificial) Intelligence, Identity and Culture, Vilnius: National Gallery of Art, 2019 12 06

Rita Repšienė, New Media Challenges and Intellectual Crisis, The Feature Conference of Global MIL Week 2018, the 8th Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue (MILID) Conference, Kaunas:  UNESCO, Vytautas Magnus University, 2018 10 24–25

Rita Repšienė, Sacred Past in Controversial Future: Legendary Memory as Contemporary Communication, From language to mind V: What a wonderful world of legends! Conference dedicated to Estonian folklorist Eda Kalmre, Tartu: Department of Folkloristics, Estonian Literary Museum Academic Folklore Society Centre of Excellence in Estonian Studies (CEES), 2018 09 21

Repšienė, Rita, Žukauskienė, Odeta, Utopias, Fictions and Dead Cities: Reality and Perspectives, Perspectives on Contemporary Legend, 34 th International Conference, International Society for Contemporary Legend Research, Tallinn, 2016 June 28 – July 2, http://www.folklore.ee/rl/fo/konve/2016/legend/program.htm

Membership in International Societies

Repšienė, Rita, International Society for Contemporary Legend Research, since 2016

Repšienė, Rita, International Society for Humor Studies (ISHS), since 2020

Expert Activity

Since 2020 Web of Sciences Publon expert

Since 2014 Member of the Scientific Council of the Latvian Academy of Culture and expert

Since 2014 expert of the International Database "Lituanistika"

2014–2017 Expert of the Lithuanian Culture Council

2012–2013, 2015–2016, since 2019 Expert of the Press, Radio and Television Support Fund (SRTRF)