Gintaras KABELKA

PhD, researcher Historian of Lithuanian philosophy. Born in 1979. In 1997–2003 studied philosophy at Vytautas Magnus University. PhD thesis entitled „The methodology of history of philosophy in the second part of the 20th century Lithuania” (2008, supervisor prof. R. Plečkaitis). Since 2008 works in the Lithuanian Culture Research Institute. In 2011–2012 postdoctoral fellowship „Post-Soviet Transformation of Lithuanian Philosophy from the Viewpoint of the Sociology of Knowledge“ (supervisor prof. Z. Norkus) at Vilnius University. Visiting researcher at the University of Tartu (Estonia) and the University of Latvia in 2012. Main research interests: Soviet Lithuanian philosophy, historiography of philosophy, marxist philosophy, bibliometrics.


 Selected publications 

  • Kabelka, Gintaras, Prieštaros Lietuvos marksistinėje filosofijoje sovietmečiu (Controversies in Lithuanian Marxists Philosophy During Soviet Period), Logos, 2020, nr. 102, p. 14-28.
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