Projects and exhibitions:

,,XXI-st century anathomy’’, group show, gallery Arka, Vilnius, 2013, participated as a painter.

Personal painting exhibition, ,,Savickas gallery’’, Palanga, 2014.

,,Voveraitė'', group show; Žilvinas Landzbergas ,,Without Crown'', Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, 2015, participated as a painter.

o Animation in the movie ,,Take as much as you can carry'', Vilnius, Krakow, 2016.

Ex-Elettrofonica, Rome, Italy 2016

,,Walk Vilnius Walk'', interdisciplinary project, Nactional Art Gallery, Vilnius, 2016, participated in moderating the discussion.

,,Growing need’’, with Kipras Dubauskas, group show, Šiauliai fine-art gallery,

Šiauliai, 2016, participated as an artist with a sculpture and performance work ,,The pull’’

Young Poor Artists Show’16, social sculpture, performance - ,,Delta’’ bar, with Jonas

Palekas, Kipras Dubauskas, group show, Žurnalistų Namai, Vilnius, 2016,

participated as an artist with the performance work.

,,Delta Mityba'' in Venice – social sculpture, Lithuanian pavilion; Žilvinas

Landzbergas ,,R’’, Venice Biennale, Venice, 2017. Was responsible for the concept

and its fulfillment, participated as the artist with the performative work.

Director of ,,Water Castle’’, 16mm movie, group show, Contemporary Art Centre,

Vilnius, 2017, Il Caminetto, Hamburg, 2018, Process experimental film festival, Riga,

2018, Cinema Camp ,,Imperfect Cinema'', Salos, 2018.

Scriptwriter and art-director for ,,Down to Earth’’, 16mm movie, group show,

Ujazdowski Castle, Warszawa, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Le FDP, Paris, 2018.

Director of ,,Notes from the Underground’’, super 16mm movie, 2020, Vilnius International Film Festival ,,Kino pavasaris’’, 2020, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, 2020, Nida art colony, Nida, 2020, IASPIS art residency centre, Open Studios program, Stockholm, 2020.

Director. ,,Origin Record’’, 16mm, short film, 2020, Alionys.