Athena: Philosophical Studies is a philosophical journal publishing original scholarly articles and research papers devoted to all kinds of problems in contemporary philosophy, be it ethics, aesthetics, philosophy of science, philosophy of language, history of philosophy, and so on. Every volume of Athena: Philosophical Studies is dedicated to a different philosophical theme which is announced for potential contributors in advance. The journal also publishes translations of the original texts, book reviews, and the chronicle of academic life. The submissions are subject to double-blind peer-review by two scholars but the final decision to publish rests with the editors. The publishing languages are Lithuanian and English. It is strongly recommended for contributors not to exceed the size of 40 000 characters (including spaces).

Structure of submissions:

the manuscripts should be arranged as to include the following:
  1. title;
  2. author’s name and surname;
  3. author’s academic affiliation, office postal address, phone number and author’s e-mail address;
  4. abstract (about 1000 characters, including spaces) and keywords (up to 5) in Italic;
  5. main body of the paper;
  6. abstract (about 1000 characters, including spaces) and keywords (up to 5) in English, if the article is written in Lithuanian, or in Lithuanian, if the article is written in English;
  7. references;
  8. please place notes as footnotes rather than endnotes.


The authors are expected to provide references by adopting Harvard style:
in text references are to be provided in parentheses by writing name and year followed by semicolon and page number of the source. The name of the author need not be mentioned if in the process of source’s citation his/her identity is absolutely clear from the context.
If the source has more than two authors, only the name of the first author is provided (Butler et al. 2011: 254). If two or more authors have the same last name, the last name of the author should be supplemented by the initial letter of the first name.
Reference list entries should be alphabetized by the last names of the first author of each work. The sources in non-Latin alphabet languages are to be transliterated.
The sources should be indicated according to these examples:

    Degutis, A. 1998. Individualizmas ir visuomeninė tvarka. Vilnius: Eugrimas.

    articles from journals and other periodicals should be cited as follows:
    Greimas, A. J. 1974. „Struktūra ir istorija“. Problemos, nr. 2 (14), p. 12–26.

    articles from collections of articles should be cited as follows:
    Hayek, F. 1984. “Competition as a Discovery Procedure”, in: The Essence of Hayek, ed. by Ch. Mishiyama and K. Leube. Stanford: Hoover Institution Press, p. 56–74.

For more detailed instructions see


The authors should submit papers electronically in Microsoft Word document format, by email to or .
Submissions should be accompanied by a letter which declares that the paper is original, i.e. has not been published previously and is not submitted for publication in any other journal or book.
In case plagiarised material is revealed in any of the published papers, the paper will be retracted and Editorial board will make a public notice to the readers.